How to add Tasks List

Task lists are customized lists of interdependent tasks that automate a certain workflow.

Here are the ways you can create and use a task list:

1. Go to Settings > Tasks List.

2. Click the Add new Tasks List button.

3. Enter the label; it must be a mandatory field.

4. Click on Save Changes button and the new task list will be added successfully.

How to add a task to a task list :

1. Go to any Tasks List.

2. Click on any task list.

3. Click on the Add new Task button.

4. Then, the Create Task form should slide out from the right side.

5. Enter the Task name; which must be a mandatory field.

6. Optionally, in Information/Link, enter information/link.

7. Click on Save Changes button, and the new task will be successfully added to the task list.