Customer Satisfaction Survey

A Customer satisfaction survey is sent out to the customers to understand if they are satisfied with the service provided on the tickets that they have created. The customer is sent the survey, and they respond with either:

  1. Great

  2. Okay

  3. Not Good

Note: A customer satisfaction survey will be sent to the customer only once an agent has closed the ticket.

Steps to Create a Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Click on Settings > Customer Satisfaction Survey; it will open the Customer Satisfaction Survey page.

  2. Click on the Add New Survey button to open a new customer satisfaction survey creation page.

  3. Once the Create New Survey page is open, it will show the list of fields that need to be filled out as below:

  4. The following fields can be edited before sending to the customer and the fields need to be filled up by the customer and sent back.

    • Survey Name * (This is mandatory): User can mention the name of the survey.

    • Survey Question: User can mention the survey question in this field.

    • Rating: User can specify the name for each emoji.

    • Thank you Message: User can specify the thank-you message inside the field.

    • Allow Comment: When enabled, customers can give feedback as comments.

  5. Users can verify the changes in the preview.