Mailboxes give you an email address for each type of workflow you want to manage. For example, some companies create mailboxes like Legal, HR, Finance etc. After creating the mailboxes, they would configure [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] as support emails.

If you don't have a custom domain, you can use the support email provided by neetoDesk.

For example, the emails provided by neetoDesk would be something like
[email protected] [email protected] or [email protected].

A customer can create a new ticket by emailing that specific email address. You can have as many mailboxes as you want.

Follow these steps to add a new mailbox

  1. Go to Settings > Support Channels > Mailboxes.

  2. Click on the Add new mailbox button.

  3. To add a new organization name to the support email, select Organization name from the Personalized email replies options.

  4. Select from the options listed to add a custom name to the support email. Specify the name in the Custom name field.

  5. To add an agent name to the support email, select Agent name from the options listed.

  6. Enter the name inside Your support email box.

  7. Verify the mail preview in Forward to email box.

  8. You will have the option to connect your support emails with connect with Gmail/Microsoft accounts in Step 2.

  9. Click on Save changes .