Ordering Automation Rules

When an event is triggered, the automation rules are executed in the specified order. Hence, it is essential to keep the automation rules in the correct order.


Let’s say we have the following automation rules that are run on ticket creation event

  1. Assign an agent

  2. Send an email to the assigned agent

In order to correctly assign the agent and send the email to the agent, we have to order the rules in the above order.

In case, we have the second rule in the first place, the automation rules won’t be able to send any emails as the agent will be assigned when the next rule is processed.

Dependent Automation Rules

We can get past the complexity of keeping the rules ordered by keeping the automation rules dependent on each other.

With the following approach, it is okay to not have the rules ordered according to the priority of execution.

Rule 1:

Event: ticket-is-created

Action: Assign agent to the ticket

Rule 2:

Event: agent-is-updated

Action: Send an email to the assigned agent

With this approach too, if we have multiple automation rules for a single event, it is suggested to keep them ordered correctly.