Add a custom view

Users can create and add a new custom view to the sidebar. The tickets in the custom view will be filtered based on the user's requirements. The steps for adding a custom view are mentioned below :

  1. Click on the Tickets Views Sidebar icon.

  2. Click on the Add New View icon, and the New View page will be loaded.

  3. Enter the Name for the custom view.

  4. Enter the Description.

  5. Specify the condition for filtering the tickets inside the Condition field.

  6. Specify the sort order for the new view.

  7. If the user wants the view to be visible to all users, they can choose All Members; otherwise, if they want the view to be private, they can choose Myself rom the options.

  8. Click on the Save Changes button.

The new view will be listed below all the default views and the tickets that match the condition will be listed inside the new view.