Email Forwarding - Office 365

Email forwarding could be very useful when using your own email for support tickets.

To perform these steps, you must be an Exchange administrator or Global administrator in Microsoft 365. For more information, see the topic about admin roles.

  1. In the admin center, go to the Users > Active users page.

  2. Select the user's name whose email you want to forward to open the properties page.

On the Mail tab, select Manage email forwarding.

  1. On the email forwarding page, select Forward all emails sent to this mailbox, enter the forwarding address, and choose whether you want to keep a copy of forwarded emails. If you don't see this option, ensure a license is assigned to the user account. Select Save changes.

  2. Don't delete the account of the user whose email you're forwarding or remove their license! If you do, email forwarding will stop.

Follow the official documentation here.