Twitter accounts

neetoDesk Support monitors Twitter accounts and converts tweets to tickets as needed. Once a tweet becomes a ticket, it behaves just like any other ticket in neetoDesk Support. You can add a Twitter account to your neetoDesk account so that Tweets become tickets, and your agents can see and respond to these tickets, just like any other ticket.

Adding Twitter accounts to Support

Here is the way you can add your Twitter account to neetoDesk:

  1. Go to Settings > Twitter accounts

  2. Click on Add twitter account button.

  3. You'll be prompted to log in to Twitter and then authorize neetoDesk Support to use your account. Enter your login information and then click Authorize App.

Remove Twitter account

  1. Go to Twitter accounts.

  2. Click Unlink beside the Twitter account you want to remove.

  3. The Twitter account is unlinked.

Twitter account in multiple organizations

Adding the Twitter account that is already added to another neetoDesk account will not be allowed. This is mainly because it creates data duplication(duplicate tickets, comments etc) when events are received from Twitter.